Grey’s Anatomy’s Cristina Yang’s 10 Funniest Moments

The loss of characters is unfortunately a common theme on Grey’s Anatomy and, while fans are grateful Cristina Yang didn’t die, there is very obviously something missing from the show without her. Grey’s is dramatic, heavy and emotional but luckily for ten seasons we were provided with the comedic relief […]

Sandra Oh Could Return To Grey’s Anatomy

If you’re one of the many, many Grey’s fans still holding out for that Cristina/Owen endgame, here’s a morale boost right from Kevin McKidd himself. Though the odds of Sandra Oh ever making a return to the show haven’t looked great for a while, McKidd confirmed in a new interview […]

Top 10 Best Lipsticks in 2017 Reviews

If there is something that every woman has in their purse, it is lipstick. It is one of the most important pieces of makeup which is considered essential. It is probably more important even than mascara, but opinions can vary. What seems to be worth mentioning is that they are […]

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: A Gun in the Oven

After a quick trip to Iraq and Malibu, we’re back to your regularly scheduled programming. And in season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy, that means lots of surgeries, jokes, sexy times, patients inspiring doctors, and a boating excursion. Anybody else loving this season? While all the boys (sans Webber) take a […]

12 Health Benefits And 6 Disadvantages Of Coffee

Coffee has been both praised and mocked for centuries. It has been blamed to cause impotence and madness, other times a cure for laziness or “gift from heaven”. Heavy stuff. But what are the actual, scientifically proven pros and cons of coffee we know today? Caffeine, the most widely consumed […]

An Introduction to Water for Coffee Brewing

Have you ever taken a bag of beans home from your favorite shop, brewed them according to the recipe printed on the bag, and found the resulting brew to be lackluster and almost completely different from that cup you enjoyed in the cafe? You might wonder if it was the […]