About Us

DIY seems to be common today. As an oscillating multi-tool is so flexible that users can grind, sand, scrape, cut, etc. easily in narrow spaces, more and more people want to own an oscillating tool for their DIY projects. However, there are dozens of brand in this sector; each brand has many models, which make people feel puzzled and don’t know which one is the best oscillating tool for them.

Because the oscillating multi-tool is quite expensive and people will get frustrated if buying an incompatible tool, people have to research carefully before purchasing. Many of my friends often ask me for the suggestion when they want to buy an oscillating tool as they do not have time and chance to test all oscillating tool in the market to decide. And I think that is the concern of many other people. Therefore, I created this blog to share my team’s experience for people who need advice. Of course, I know that each person has particular demand, so our blog tries to guide you factors to consider and some reviews so that you will choose the most appropriate one for yourself. Besides, we provide some tips and tricks when using these power tools. Plus, we suggest guides to help you have joyful experience with your projects, and guide you with the maintenance of your power tool as well.

Hope this information are useful to you, and you will find your right oscillating tool with us!