5 tips for reducing gas in babies

1. Warm bath and massage Ask your pediatrician to teach you how to gently massage your little one’s tummy to help reduce gas. My son’s pediatrician showed us how to lightly move our fingers in a counter-clockwise position in order to massage his little tummy. He also recommended that we […]

Create your own baby gate

A baby gate can be an effective way of keeping your baby or toddler safe. People often place them in doorways to prevent entrance into a room or at a stairwell to keep the child from taking a tumble. It is easy enough to create your own, especially if you […]

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Educational toys buying guide

Educational toys area is a great way to help children boost academic skills, creativity, and confidence, all while having fun. Today’s toy designers are finding more ways to attract the attention of children and truly make playtime a learning experience. To find the right educational toys for the children in […]