Seo tips for small business unit

7 Expert SEO Tips for small business units

Being the owner of a recently commenced business, there are some effortless but extremely essential facts that must be kept in mind. When users will search for the products and services of your company, they will come out with two outcomes, either they will locate your competitors, or they will […]

diet food

Top books about the Atkins diet

Dr. Robert Atkins developed the Atkins diet in 1972 when he published his first book titled, “Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution.” Based on a research paper that Dr. Atkins read years before, the book offers the premise that a limited carbohydrate diet results in the body metabolizing stored fat instead of […]

How to publish a book

With the capabilities of technology, book publishing is an evolving process with many options for authors and publishing companies. Authors have three distinct options for book publishing, including traditional publishing through a formal company, self-publishing a bound book for distribution, and electronic publishing (e-books). Each method has specific benefits and […]