ring flash

How to use a Ring Flash

Serious photo buffs appreciate the advantages of using a ring flash for specific types of shots. Less experienced photographers may wonder what all of the fuss is. Using a ring flash is not difficult and the circle of light produced with the flash accessory provides some stunning visual effects. The […]

Old Laptop Screen

How to use an old laptop screen as a monitor

There comes a time in every laptop’s life when it can no longer keep up with the rigors of daily use. However, it is far from a defunct old machine, and even broken laptops often feature LCD screens in perfectly good condition. With a few basic tips and some patience, […]

ipod classic

How to fix a broken iPod classic screen

Your beloved iPod Classic cracked and you are not ready to give it a eulogy. Instead, replace the screen with a new one and get back to business. The iPod Classic is not only the most costly iPod, but it is the one with the most storage space, and now […]

TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump

Top 5 Best Tire Inflators 2017

A portable tire inflator is a great tool to have in your car in case of a flat tire. With the best tire inflator, you will not suffer in the event of an emergency. The best portable air compressors are designed for use with a variety of cars so you […]

7 gym accessories worth buying

Over 50 million people have active health club memberships as of 2010, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, and many others have gym equipment at home that they use regularly. Using the correct gym accessories can make the whole gym experience much more comfortable and enjoyable. There […]

Top 5 Best Multimeters For Everyone

A multimeter is an essential gadget if you often deal with electronics. This tool is also useful for those who occasionally deal with electronic gadgets at home. Regardless, of the purpose, you require a safe and reliable multimeter that will come in handy when you have an emergency. Professional electricians […]

multimeter yellow

When selecting a multimeter let think about safety

Electricity is a familiar part of our daily lives and, perhaps because of that fact, many of us do not give much thought to its hazards. Engineers, technicians, electricians and powerline workers are among those who may be exposed directly to electricity. The tools they use must be designed with […]

Multimeter functions you should know

Digital multimeters (DMM) are among the most widely used electronic testing instruments. They are often referred to as the tape measure of the new millennium. Moreover, they consolidate the functions of multiple tools such as voltmeters, ammeters, and ohmmeters into one unit. A basic digital multimeter works with energized and […]


Tips for using a Multimeter

Question: I have got a few difficult problems at my house and had no idea how to solve them. My friend tried to change 3-way switches for me at the top and bottom of my steps, and now they cannot work right. My doorbell stopped working suddenly. A friend said […]