Top 5 Best Multimeters For Everyone

A multimeter is an essential gadget if you often deal with electronics. This tool is also useful for those who occasionally deal with electronic gadgets at home. Regardless, of the purpose, you require a safe and reliable multimeter that will come in handy when you have an emergency.

Professional electricians insist on the functionality and affordability of the multimeter. They also consider the portability and safety of the tool. These features make up the best multimeters. You can consider these features if you want to get the value of your money.

If you get the right multimeter, your task will be efficient, simpler and enjoyable.


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Craftsman 34-82141 Digital Multimeter

The Craftsman 34-82141 multimeter is designed for professional electricians and can be used to measure current for auto marine electronic repairs and installations. Its compact design and clear readings make it intuitive for every task.

It measures 600 volts DC and 10A DC so you can use it to measures substantial current. It features an audible tone sound below 30 ohms to help you troubleshoot shorts and ensure proper wiring. A resistance of about 2 ohms allows for auto electric and household wiring testing and repair.


It has 8 functions and 18 ranges

Measures up to 600v direct current and 10A direct current

Has a protected fuse


This multimeter is mainly meant to professional electrician

Craftsman 34-82141


Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

The Crenova MS8233D is a handheld and battery multimeter that is perfect for multiple functions. The design of this tool capitalizes on functionality and the user’s safety. It meets IEC61010-1 and CAT II 600v over voltage category and is double insulated.

You can use it to measure circuit breaker and distribution boards. It also proves effective for measuring industrial equipment found in fixed facilities such as fixed motors. The uses of the Crenova multimeter include measuring DC current, AC current, resistance and frequency. A 31/2 digit LCD display with backlight allows you to see reading clearly.

This multimeter is portable for use in various settings. An auto power-off function further makes this tool adaptable to every task.


Large LDC display makes it suitable for use in dark places

Features data hold function and maximum value hold

Multiple safety features makes it suitable for every use


Lacks battery which might be available in comparable models

Crenova MS8233D


Dr.meter Backlight Mini Digital Multimeter

The Dr.meter Digital Multimeter is a small-size pocket tool which makes it handy and useful for household use. It is also useful for experienced electricians due to its exceptional features. The ABS wheel sensors make this multimeter convenient for multiple testing.

This multimeter is designed to accurately and safely troubleshoot small to large electrical faults. You can use it to check household fuses, care wiring, and battery voltage. You can use it in different settings due to the backlit LCD and digital light which makes reading clear.

It is an auto ranging digital tool that measures AC/DC voltage accurately. You can also use it to measure current, resistance, diode and continuity. Some users even use it to measure voltage of a coin battery such as CR2032.


Affordable multimeter for multiple functions

The numbers are clear, and the backlit LDC display enhances clarity

Compact for portability, it is perfect for moving around


The leads of this multimeter are not removable which makes it challenging to use alligator clips

Dr.Meter Backlight


Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 115 has simple operation and a compact design making it perfect for electronic test and general purpose electrical requirements. This multimeter is designed with quality features that experienced electricians will like.

This multimeter comes with a large LED display featuring backlight to offer you sufficient lighting when working in the dark. You will find it easy to view readings, thanks to the large display.

A maximum voltage of AC/DC 600v makes this multimeter ideal for checking frequency, continuity, capacitance and resistance. The multimeter features 20A overload and 10A current measurement with 30 sec momentary. Hence, your safety is guaranteed.


Safe to use for multiple electronic testing purposes

Highly affordable and durable since it is made with a hard-wearing casing


Does not display tenths million volts which might a cause of inaccuracy

Fluke 115 Compact


INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

The Innova 3320 digital multimeter is a simple to use tool that has been designed to safely and precisely troubleshoot multiple household and automotive problems. Its innovative design allows you to quickly detect and predict an ideal solution to a variety of electrical issues.

You can use this digital multimeter to measure DC and AC voltage, and it features diode check option and audible continuity checker.

A distinct feature of the Innova 3320 is the ability to measure 200 MA of AC current as well as 10 amps of DC current. Thus, this model is a perfect investment for those who measure DC often.

This model is accurate for measuring current and resistance since the circuit board uses prime spec electrical elements. The included battery load tester is an extra advantage for those who deal with batteries. When you test batteries, it will indicate green for good, orange for weak and red for bad.


Accurate and safe when ensuring resistance and current

Perfect for measuring both DC and AC voltage

UL certified and affordable


Not ideal if you want to measure considerable current since it measures 200 M amps



Experienced electricians and those who often deal with electronics require the best multimeter to increase the accuracy of their works. Since some multimeters might not deliver what they promise, checking, reviews will help you make a good choice.

Top 5 best multimeters presented in this review can be used for multiple functions. However, they have distinctions in either functionality, display of reading, size, and prices. The differences allow you to choose the one that suits your functions.

You can choose a multimeter for professional or basic use based on your needs. Ensure to check the shortcomings of a particular multimeter before making a choice.

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